Into the Picture Podcast QR Codes

As you walk around the park and gardens look out for the QR Codes. Using images and photographs from the collection at Sewerby Hall, the podcasts will tell you a little more about the history of that part of the estate. Just scan the code with your phone and then tap on the link to see and hear the podcast. The podcasts last between one-and-a-half and three-and-a-half minutes.

What was here?

Download the free What Was Here app and compare the Sewerby Hall of now with times gone by. The Sewerby Hall and Gardens Heritage trail is included in the app and features a gentle 1-mile walk around the estate. Follow the map and see photos from the 1930s to 1980s at various landmarks. The app has been developed by East Riding Archives. It is available to download free on the on the Apple app store or Google play. Find out more and get the download links on the Visit East Yorkshire website.

Love Exploring

Download the free 'Love Exploring' App to your mobile device before your visit to enjoy a variety of games and trails from the palm of your hand. Have fun finding the fairies and dinosaurs in the grounds of Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

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Find the monkey puzzle tree carvings

After the devastating loss of our monkey puzzle tree in the severe weather of spring 2018, artist Allen Stichler was commissioned to create wood carvings from the tree to display in the Pleasure Garden. Stroll through the tree and flower-lined paths of the gardens, and look out for the beautiful carvings with different quotes.

The tree was thought to be one of the oldest in England. Monkey puzzle trees are native to Argentina and Chile and this one, along with several others, was planted at Sewerby Hall and Gardens in 1868 - forming one of the most successful plantations of such trees in the north of the UK. It is believed that it was grown, on-site, by Yarburgh Lloyd-Greame, from seeds he brought back from his trip to South America in the early 1860s. A new monkey puzzle tree has now been planted.

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Walking the Riding

Discover hundreds of interesting routes passing through the towns, nature reserves, coastal villages and rolling hills of East Yorkshire. Alternatively, create your own route along the region's footpaths and bridleways.

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The Prehistoric Gypsey Race Trail

Walk the Valley of the Kings with our new trail charting the course of the Gypsey Race as it carves its route through the Great Wold Valley. The winterbourne stream flows on chalk which gives it its will o' the wisp character: now you see me, now you don't - when it disappears underground for spells only to pop up unannounced elsewhere. Our Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors found it fascinating and built their great burial mounds and monuments along its course which pepper this trail from Duggleby Howe to Bridlington.

Download trail leaflet (PDF 9mb)