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Be introduced to an exciting world of mammals and birds at Sewerby Zoo

Our Animals

Be introduced to an exciting world of mammals and birds at Sewerby Zoo. Come and meet a wealth of domestic and wild animals from various countries such as pygmy goats from Africa and llamas from South America.

Our mammals

Our furry family includes critters great and small, from guinea pigs and micro pigs, to Taiwanese Sika Deer and Cameroon Sheep. Catch the Capuchin monkeys playing around their home, watch the mischievous pygmy goats or go see the cute Raccoon Dogs in their enclosures. With degus, llamas and more too, you'll fall in love with all our animals. Found a favourite? You can adopt them from just £20 a year!

Our birds

Our feathered flock is home to some of the most stunning birds in the world, as well as some endangered breeds. One of our most popular residents is our chatty Eclectus Parrot, Eckie. Watch our beautiful Golden Pheasant and a variety of other pheasants as they strut around or listen to the birdsong from our numerous outdoor aviaries. A big favourite at the zoo is the colony of Humboldt Penguins, especially at feeding time where they can be seen swimming for fish in their large pool.

Adopt an animal

Adopt your favourite animal from just £20 a year!

Adoption packages now come in gold, silver and bronze formats. All three packages include a personalised adoption certificate, an animal fact sheet, a thank you letter, and a sign on the enclosure with the adopter's name on it.

The gold and silver packages also feature quarterly newsletters and a key ring, and those who opt for the gold package will also receive two complimentary tickets to Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

Prices range from £20 for bronze to £35 for silver and £50 for gold.

Adopt your favourite today:

You can also pay in person or over the phone with credit or debit card. Please Contact us for more information.

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Committed to Learning

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Our animals
Where do our animals come from?

Where do our animals come from?

Helping the environment

In the zoo, all bedding such as straw and hay, food and animal waste is recycled. Where possible, rain water is collected and used in paddocks and enclosures, and fountains are solar-powered to reduce the use of electricity.

Fallen trees and local forestry works are also recycled and reused on site, either as mulch for the garden and pathways, or stumps and logs are added into enclosures for enrichment for the animals.